SRE Training


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Training courses offered for SRE teachers are practical and deal with relevant issues to support and equip teachers. No particular level of prior education is necessary to enrol. Training courses benefit both the SRE teacher and the children taught. Benefits include improved class behaviour, enhanced teaching skills and developed teacher-student relationships.

Training for SRE Teachers

The Department of Education requires that all SRE providers have in place a system of initial and ongoing training in the areas of child protection and classroom management for SRE teachers.  Training and authorisation for SRE teachers is the role of the authorising agent (church)/approved provider.


ICCOREIS has set a benchmark for SRE training, called The Basic Training Standard. It has been endorsed by the major Christian Churches across NSW. It contains a new module called Duty of Care.


The Basic Training Standard has 7 modules

  • Module 1: Teaching SRE in Government Schools
  • Module 2: Learning and Teaching
  • Module 3: Preparing and Delivering a Lesson
  • Module 4:Communicating in the Classroom
  • Module 5: Introduction to the Bible
  • Module 6: Classroom Experience
  • Module 7: Duty of Care

For further details see: ICCOREIS 7 Module Training Framework

Training organisations *

The training provided by the following organisations addresses the majority of outcomes and competencies within the ICCOREIS Basic Training Framework for Primary School SRE teachers.  (A number of Approved Providers also require their High School SRE teachers to do this same training plus additional training to incorporate matters appropriate to older students).


Organisation Name of course  
Anglican Youthworks SRE Accreditation and Development Training
Australian Christian Churches (AOG) Basic SRE Teacher Training The following denominations have indicated that they use the Baptist Church training material for their SRE teachers:

  • Catholic diocese of Bathurst
  • Anglican diocese Armidale
  • Uniting Church NSW
  • Salvation Army – Eastern territory
  • Seventh-day Adventist, greater Sydney, North and South NSW
Christian Community Churches of Australia (NSW)        (Brethren) Special Religious Education Accreditation   Training Program
The Baptist Union of NSW and ACT SRE Essentials
Catholic diocese of Maitland-Newcastle RENEW
Catholic diocese of Wollongong Level 1 SRE training CCRESS online training
 Presbyterian Church PY Combined Christian SRE Teacher Training

*Your denomination may already utilise one of these training options and/ or may recognise training done with one or more of these organisations


Approved Provider training contacts

Each approved provider is responsible for training its SRE volunteers.  The  list of approved providers in NSW is managed by the Department of Education. Download the list here.

Some denominations offer training that occurs prior to or alongside SRE that would also meet the competencies and outcomes of the Basic SRE training framework.


Child Protection Training /Safe Ministry Training

Approved providers require:

1. Verified Working with Children Check Numbers for all SRE teachers (a legal requirement)

2. Child Protection Training /Safe Ministry Training for their SRE teachers (many require that it is a church-based one).

Other churches cooperate to provide this training through the Safe Church Training Agreement (SCTA).

Check with your approved provider for training requirements.

A calendar of child protection training events is available online.


ICCOREIS does not endorse training and is not responsible for the quality of SRE trainers nor the competency of the SRE teachers after training. SRE providers are responsible for the authorisation of their teachers.

SRE teachers should check with their authorising church body (provider) what training they are required to complete.