Information for Coordinators

All SRE teachers must be authorised by a provider. Special religious education and special education in ethics providers are listed on the Department of Education website.

The Department of Education has Special Religious Education Procedures that stipulate the ongoing requirements of both providers and schools. All coordinators should be very familiar with the special religious education procedures.

Local churches designate someone as the Church SRE Coordinator. The Church SRE Coordinator might be responsible for coordinating SRE in one or more local public schools. Where a particular church provides SRE at more than one school, it is possible for a church to have separate Church SRE Coordinators for each of the schools.

Because a number of Christian denominations might be providing SRE at a school, there could be more than one Church SRE Coordinator representing the churches that are involved. These Coordinators should get to know each other and establish effective liaison.

Church SRE Coordinators can operate at a school, church, inter-school and inter-church level. When operating at an inter-church level, the participating churches and congregations must support the appointment. The Church SRE Coordinator’s role consists of:

  1. Liaising
  • School
  • Parents
  • Participating denominations
  • Other providers: other religious persuasions, Special Education in Ethics providers.
  1. Consulting
  • Ministers’ colleges/associations
  • Church SRE representatives
  • Inter Church Commission on Religious Education in Schools (ICCOREIS NSW)
  1. Communicating
  • SRE Teachers
  • Local church community
  • Other churches represented in SRE
  • School
    • Providing the school with the authorisation letter before SRE starts each year.
  1. Coordinating
  • SRE teachers
  • Recruiting of SRE personnel
  • Other churches represented in SRE
  • SRE in the school community
  1. Supporting
  • SRE teachers.


The provider is responsible for the authorisation, training and support of its SRE teachers. Local groups or Boards may be formed to support each other through training, get togethers and fundraising.