ICCOREIS has produced a number of resources to promote and support SRE in public schools and for training purposes. For resources produced by other organisations see Extras.


Introducing ICCOREIS download brochure

What is ICCOREIS and what does it do? This brochure answers these and other questions, as well as providing a summary of the resources and information available on this website.

SRE Handbook  Now updated in draft format

The SRE Handbook is designed to provide an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of all concerned with Special Religious Education (SRE) in NSW government schools.

To download please select a chapter using the  Contents of ICCOREIS Handbook as a guide.

Chapter 1                     Chapter 4                  Chapter 7                      Appendix B

Chapter 2                     Chapter 5                  Chapter 8                     Appendix C

Chapter 3                     Chapter 6                   Appendix A

For more resources see Promotion, Teaching SRE,  Extras,  Letters and forms, Links