Resources from other organisations are listed here as a service to our members.


Why Consider Christian SRE? presents information for parents, to give them an overview of the benefits of Christian SRE for their children and provide contacts if they wish to know more. Also available in Chinese and Korean.


The Uniting Church Board of Education has many resources available for children’s ministry, including a number of ideas for prayer. These can be found on their Children’s Ministry website.


Quiz Worx. Quiz Worx provides a wide range of resources for SRE teachers, including a music CD, comic books with scripture themes and live presentations. For further details see the Quiz Worx website.

Shelley and Son. Owen and Stephen Shelley have developed a variety of interactive children’s ministry resources, designed to be used with a computer and data projector or an interactive whiteboard. They include revision quiz games, Bible stories, puppetry resources and teaching aids. These are available on CD or via email. For further details and other free downloads, see the Shelley and Son website.

Music, Books and DVDs

Colin Buchanan. Colin has produced such well-known titles as 10, 9, 8, God is Great and Jesus Rocks the World. His CDs are enhanced, meaning that the full music scores are on the CDs. They also include instrumental backing tracks and other bonuses such as colouring books. A number of his albums are also available on DVD and video. For full details see Colin’s website.

Monica Brown.  Monica’s music and songs are a contemporary blend of spirituality and scripture useful for communal worship and reflection as well as private prayer and meditation.

Titles include God Delights in You, Praise and Blessing, and One People One Land (focusing on Australian spirituality). Word books and music books are available for each CD. For full details see Monica’s website.

The A-Z of Understanding & Communicating Gospel Concepts. In this book, Owen Shelley has defined more than 70 terms relating to the gospel message, giving illustrations to make their meaning plain. Published by Scripture Union, the book is available from Christian bookshops.

What the Bible Is, by Denise Abrahall. This book is particularly suitable for 11-14 year olds with learning difficulties. It answers questions young people might have about the Bible and its importance to Christians. Available from Christian bookshops.

Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions, by George Barna. The author states, “building tomorrow’s church begins with today’s children”. This book challenges us to seriously reconsider the focus of evangelisation in our churches. Available from Christian bookshops.

The Bible – Alive and Active. This DVD has been produced by the Bible Society NSW and Logosdor, to make the Bible more accessible to primary aged children. It contains videos, songs and music clips, activities and discussion topics, and is designed to be used in SRE classes, churches or Sunday schools. For further information contact Chris Melville at the Bible Society, on 02 9888 6588.


The resources listed on this page have been recommended by individual members. Although published on the website, they are not endorsed by ICCOREIS.