Special Religious Education (SRE) Policy

Each denomination is responsible for the authorisation, training and support of its SRE volunteers. This page brings together the requirements of the different denominations in these areas as well as policy issues that affect all providers.

Download the SRE Policy for NSW Public Schools.


The SRE Training  page contains a summary of  training requirements, along with contact details for further information.

Churches recognise and require Child Protection Training /Safe Ministry Training  in addition to Working with Children Checks for all SRE teachers. Many churches cooperate to provide this training through the Safe Church Training Agreement (SCTA) Safe Churches

A calendar of child protection training events is available online, click here to view it.

For a calendar of training courses, conferences and other events, see the Events page.


Approved providers determine the minimum training for the teachers they authorize.

ICCOREIS has created a Basic SRE Training standard accepted by its member churches.

The Basic Training Standard includes:

Module 1 – Teaching SRE in Government Schools
Module 2 – Learning and Teaching
Module 3 – Preparing and Delivering a Lesson
Module 4 – Classroom Management
Module 5 – Introduction to the Bible
Module 6 – Classroom Experience

Download Basic SRE Training Standard

Each SRE teacher is responsible for recording his/her training.  Certificates of attendance and the like should be retained for at least 3 years. The  SRE Training Record, has been produced by ICCOREIS as a means for SRE teachers to record the training courses they have completed. It can be submitted to your church when seeking accreditation or it may be kept as a personal record.


The authorisation of SRE teachers is closely linked with accreditation and training, and once again, each denomination has its own requirements.

The SRE Authorisation  page contains a summary of each denomination’s processes and requirements for the authorisation of SRE teachers, as well as contact details for further information.


Special Eduction in Ethics is available in some schools for children who are in non-SRE.

In 2017 the only approved provider for SEE is Primary Ethics.

Download SEE Policy